Wicked :Mum Uses Son To Rob

A mother thief in Cape Town, South Africa, is using her own 10-year-old son to rob people. While the woman distracts the victim the small boy steals the valuables without people Knowing anything is wrong .

CCTV reveals it that  the mother-son criminal duo robbing people, however police claim that the video is not enough evidence.
The woman who submitted the video claimed that the thief stole her son’s Adidas bag and an old woman’s handbag in such a manner.

The woman says that her 22-year-old son was sitting with his six friends when he was approached by the thief.
There was 9281Ksh in the bag among other belongings.
They had just come back from a hike in Newlands Forest and were socializing and eating a gatsby with the bag next to him,” the mom said.

She also said : “She can be seen standing next to my son’s bag when she suddenly dropped a piece of paper and moved the bag away from his side,” she says. When she got her food order, she stood between my son and the bag, and ordered her young son to take the bag and walk out .”
The mother concluded that :
They were still going to the movies, but came home because of that skelme lady.”

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